The Best Snacks For Your Summer Road Trip

Summer is the perfect excuse to use your vacations days for a nice road trip. Road trips are a great way to enjoy new surroundings and take a step back from our busy lives. You can catch up on podcasts, listen to good music, or talk to your family without being distracted by computers and screens. 

Whether you're planning a cross-country drive or just a quick weekend getaway, you can never go wrong with packing enough snacks.

Here are some great savory and sweet snack options to make ahead of time!

Sweet Snacks

Cranberry Bliss Granola

If you're in the mood for a savory snack, try this homemade granola recipe. You can enjoy it by the handfuls on its own, or add it to some yogurt or milk.

Grab the recipe here.

Turmeric Bliss Balls

If you need a quick pick-me-up, these turmeric bliss balls are the perfect mid-afternoon treat. They are a great anti-inflammatory treat.

Grab the recipe here.

Savory Snacks

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